I am glad to tell about the great number in numerology. That is 15. This is an amazing wealth number. If you start business with this number in your Brand name or if you have the same number in your personal name. Then you will see the amazing benefits in you business or in your personal life. This number will give you all what you really want. All money is with you doubtlessly. You will never run short of money. 15 is so powerful that many companies with this name are enjoying themselves the benefits of this magic number 15. This number will remove all the losses in your business and makes you earn more and more as the days go by. No matter what is your business and how small is your business. If you have this number in your brand name then you will grow into a great heights. which means This number 15 can make you go from small tea hotel to even 5 star hotel. Such is the miracle with number 15. So if you believe in numerology it will surely give you a great wealth. Dell company and Ebay possess the same number 15 in their brand name.

Thank you
Shyam Reddy